Recycling Application

Everlon has partnered with OrthoMetals to help our clients recycle any unused bronze plaques and accessories, with all proceeds being donated to charity.

OrthoMetals is a certified, family owned and operated business which work to recycle all metals remaining after cremation as well as bronze products. For more information on OrthoMetals please feel free to visit their website:

Simply drop off any unwanted metal products (e.g. old bronze plaque’s and accessories) at our warehouse for recycling or send your items to the following address: Unit 7/1-3 Nicholas St Lidcombe, NSW 2141.

Important Information:
*Please be sure to fill out the form below so we are able to keep track of your delivery.
*All material will be shredded and melted down so there is no need for concern of names and dates being out in the open.
*Please ensure all items sent through are clearly marked “recycle” so they can be identified with ease and efficiency.

Product Type:Bronze PlaqueBronze Accessory (e.g. Lamps and Vases)Other