Ceramic Photos

Turn precious photos into timeless portraits on a bronze plaque or granite surface.

suitable for small plaques
suitable for medium plaques
suitable for large plaques

Design Options

ceramic photo.189

White Lip

A white border is positioned around the ceramic, framing the photo.

ceramic photo.204

Bleed to Edge

Your image is printed to the edge of the ceramic photo.

ceramic photo.193

Gold Border

Gold border can be chosen to complement the ceramic photo.

ceramic photo.186


Milling is a recess area that allows the photo to be flush with the surface of the plaque.

ceramic photo.203

Cast on Frame

Cast on frame helps to draw focus to the image of a loved one.

ceramic photo.201

Loose Photo Frame

Choose from our selection of photo frames and we can affix it for you. (see below for options)


Elegantly outline each non-aging, colourful ceramic photo with a separate loose bronze photo frame.